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Greg Sandeno

Greg Sandeno

Founder; President & CEO
Greg's Bio

Greg has a broad experience in the retail supermarket and supercenter retail industries including big box and one-stop space shops. He began his career managing his first store at 18 years of age. Greg has been in the retail industry for 36 years and has held key operational and merchandising roles, ranging from store-level management ranks, District Manager, Buyer/Category Manager, Merchandiser, to many Senior Executive roles within both Supermarket Operations and Merchandising.

Some Senior Executive roles that Greg has held are:

  • VP of Operations at Fred Meyer/Kroger
  • SVP at Nash Finsch Company
  • EVP at Coborn’s, Inc.
  • CEO at C & K Market, Inc.

During his career he has had the opportunity to operate in many unique, challenging, and competitive markets. Greg has a strong track record of operating in the ‘turn around’ space, working with Sales, Labor, Inventory, Merchandising Flow, Marketing, Perishable/Fresh, Pharmacy, Liquor, C-Store, Home/Garden, Jewelry, Electronics, Apparel and Restaurant/Food Service.

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Dan Sandeno

Dan Sandeno

Executive Vice President
Dan's Bio

Dan brings to Jericho Executive Recruiting a passionate and deep experience in the retail supermarket space, in conventional, warehouse and one-stop shop retail environments. He has held positions ranging from store director running million dollar per week sales, multi-store district management, marketing and AD prep and category buying in the natural foods category, in both family owned and national companies. During his career he has had experience and success in challenging and competitive markets. He has a strong track record for increasing sales, building margins and controlling labor, in center store, fresh departments, pharmacy, fuel, convenience store locations, coffee kiosks, post office and liquor.

Dan’s main devotions during the past 17 years has been leading and training teams of people and enabling them to pursue there dreams and goals in there careers. Dan’s goal today is the same, his goal is to guide you as you apply, interview and negotiate and create a smooth transition into a new role of your dreams by breaking down walls between our clients and companies and to be a close contact for you as your set on your journey.

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