Jericho Executive Recruiting has 125-year combined experience, expertise, and relationships. This notable track record spans various areas and levels in the retail supermarket and supercenter industries.

It puts us in a unique position to understand the challenges and precise details that each area and level brings.

More than simply connecting candidates with companies, Jericho Executive Recruiting strives to create fully engaging work relationships.

By placing candidates in companies where they would have the sense of belonging and purpose, we believe that they will be better positioned to make positive impacts.

What We Deliver


1. Personal Attention

Upon your registration, we will take the time to understand your objectives. Then, we will actively review and find matches as soon as we discover more candidates. You are welcome to ask us questions any time!

Although we are going to research and find job matches for you and get in touch from time to time, we recommend to keep your information updated at this website.


2. Self-Service

We realize that you may want to discover your own job matches. Therefore, we enable you to browse for opportunities that we compile at this website!

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